pymaj - a Python tool for MP3 player Philips Micro Audio Jukebox (also known as GoGear™ HDD060) under GNU/Linux

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David Mudrak


To Pierluigi Cau for pyGogear


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pymaj is a tool for using the Philips Micro Audio Jukebox MP3 players under GNU/Linux. The Philips HDD0xx series of MP3 players can be mounted with the usb-storage module, but merely copying MP3 files onto it is not enough, since the player needs to read information about the tracks from a sqlite database file named MyDB.

pymaj was rewritten from pyGogear 5.8.4 with some changes and folders support added. Program can read the ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags from the MP3 files placed on the player and inserts them in the database. M3U playlists are supported as well.

MP3s must be stored in artist/[album/]*.mp3 directory format, where [album/] is optional. M3U playlists must be stored in the same directory as MyDB is (i.e. _system/media/audio) and playlist lines must be relative paths to MP3.

Just copy the directories with your MP3s from the harddisk onto your Philips jukebox and let the pymaj fill player's database.


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See README included.


M3U playlists are supported. The best way to use them is to create the .m3u file using some mp3 player application (xmms, beep-media-player, rythmbox, whatever...). Load the tracks you want into the playlist directly from the Gogear folder onto the mp3 app. Then, export the playlist inside the _system/media/audio/. Maybe you must edit the file and make sure that lines in the playlist are relative paths to mp3, e.g.:

Bjork/Vespertine/01 - Hidden place.mp3


./Bjork/Vespertine/01 - Hidden place.mp3

Note that the track order will be respected, and that the only relevant info is the filename entries in the m3u file (the lines starting with a "#" are skipped). Which means that basically you could create a .m3u file simply writing one line for each file you want to add to the playlist or to use e.g.:

find ./ -name *.mp3 | sort > AllTracks.m3u

to create a playlist directly at your mounted Juke Box (see find man page for details)


My jukebox sometimes freezes after update and need to be restarted. Don't know why.



Feel free to contact the author for general info and bug reports. Please be kind, this is my first ever Python project.